Thursday, December 24, 2009

Scott Gustafson

Just recently I had a really cool experience.  The gallery I work at was having Scott Gustafson come for an artists show and signing.  Because I am also in the art department at Utah Valley University I was able to help arrange a situation where Scott could come out a day early and speak to the illustration students at UVU.  It was fascinating to see how his career unfolded and then to see how he works and his process.  Because I helped to set it all up I was able to go to lunch with him and also pick him up and bring him to Orem and then subsequently drop him off back up in Salt Lake.  Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pick his brain and ask him a ton of dorky questions.  But thankfully he was happy to answer them all for me.  You can't meet a nicer, more down to earth person.  I wish I had remembered to take a picture so I could post it so you all could believe me! haha.  If you haven't seen his stuff I would highly recommend checking out his website.  It's  He's truly one of the great children's illustrators! 


  1. His demonstrations were fantastic, what a great guy too! Very down to earth and soooo talented. Something that always makes me chuckle is when Perry was giving the introduction at the evening presentation, stating;

    'His art is more than great(?)'s luscious...succulent'

    Haha so good

  2. I was just coming to comment again and had forgotten that I already did lol!