Thursday, March 31, 2011

Art fair at Bonneville Elementary

Bonneville Elementary has started to do an annual art fair where they exhibit the students work and then they try to bring in artists from the community to come demonstrate for the kids. I am really passionate about empowering young kids to pursue their artistic talent and hopefully make a career out of it, so I jumped at the opportunity. It was a constant parade of kids for two straight hours. The most common questions were, "Did you do that?" and "Did you start that today?" One of my fellow classmates was throwing on the wheel next to me and I heard one 5th grader say in a disappointed voice, "Oh man! I thought she was making cotton candy!"


  1. It was a fair I would have wanted cotton candy too! Good job Phil!! Love ya MOM

  2. awesome phil! i love that you are doing that. you have inspired me to bust out my paints again...just so you know.

  3. Cool! I think we artists need to represent for our family!