Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kids Room Mural

This was one of the most exciting and fun projects I've worked on. I was asked to design and paint a mural on my old bosses kids' play room. He wanted a tree house on a blank wall. By the door he had built a rounded rock wall that he wanted me to paint as a tree. On the other side of the room in the corner he had built a small stage for his kids to do little plays on. He wanted the HollyWood skyline behind that. I went to work designing and planning the room. I got to get in touch with my inner-kid again. These are some of the sketches I did for the treehouse and HollyWood scene. The final room was awesome! He even installed a slide that he was going to hide behind a secret door, so when you pull a lever the door opens and you have a tube slide going down to the basement! What kid wouldn't geek out over that! I'll post the final result tomorrow. Toodles! 

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