Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Kitchen Table Illustrator

For a long time I felt like I would never be a "real" artist until I had my own studio and a successful full time painting career. I spent a decent amount of time thinking about how great it would be. Well, recently I have come to terms with where I am artistically both in my abilities and professionally. I will never stop reaching towards the highest artistic level I can achieve. I will never stop creating art. In fact, one of my life time goals is to be as proficient as the 19th century painters and draftsman. But I can still be happy with where I am. 
I one time heard someone say you have to occasionally stop looking at how much farther up the mountain you have to climb so you can take a bit of time to see how far you've already gone. I think if I looked ten years into the future and I saw myself still painting at the kitchen table, I'd be happy that I was still passionate enough to still be putting in hour after hour at the kitchen table! All in good time. :)

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