Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Land of Make Believe

As part of the youth conference I was involved in last weekend, we reenacted scenes from the Book of Mormon. One of those reenactments was a Nephite vs. Lamanite battle. They gave us foam noodles with pvc pipe in the middle and let us hack at each other. 
Before I go on, it's important to know that played extensively with G.I. Joe's and Ninja Turtles until I was almost twelve. (Slightly embarrassing...yes. Would I change  So of course being the mature grown adult that I am, I got completely sucked in. I was supposed to be a tribe leader and I wanted my tribe to do well in our mock battle. So, during the entire hour of lunch before the battle I threw question after question at my friend that is an expert in military strategy and swordplay. The second picture is my wife and I and two other guys in the formation recommended by my friend. The result...we dominated. It was enough to make me want to join the medieval club that fights down in pioneer park in provo on thursdays from 6-8. 

I am also happy to say I got a ton of awesome reference photos from the event, so I hope to post some sketches from said reference soon. :)

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