Friday, July 27, 2012

If You Have the Passion...

I'm never going to force my daughter or any other kids we may have to follow in my footsteps as an artist, however, I will definitely be infinitely supportive if one of them decides to follow a dream in the arts. (Or any other dream for that matter.) I may have chose a less fulfilling career that was "secure" if I didn't have supportive parents, teachers, and other role models to encourage me and urge me on. In fact, my Dad still will often call me and say, "Hey Phil, I had an idea for your art stuff...You should do such and such." Of course not all the ideas resonate with me, but he's had several that are really good that I will end up using or am in the process of working on now. I guess if I'm to sum up the tone of this post, it's this. Art may not be the "practical" direction for career choice, but if it's your passion, don't suppress it...pursue it! Who cares if it's hard to make money or whatever. If you love it enough that you can't do anything else, you'll be happier for it. Besides, you might make more money doing something you love because you'll want to be there working rather than dragging your feet into the office because you have to pay the bills! So there's my rant. I will now descend from my soapbox. :) If you can't tell I have an opinion on the matter. 

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