Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nauvoo, IL Visit

This was the old Nauvoo burial grounds. I looked to see if I had relatives buried there but I didn't find any. There are a lot of unmarked graves apparently. It was very picturesque but also a place of sadness. So many of these people sacrificed everything for their faith, many of them forgotten by history and mankind. But not by God. 

Brigham Young's house. Very cool design. I learned that he was an expert builder. He built an above ground root cellar in the back of the house because of the high water table. He also drained his property before he built because it was a swamp. 
The rebuilt Nauvoo temple. This is the jewel of Nauvoo. It's phenomenal. And it also happens to be where I got married. :)

Joseph Smith's mansion house. It now belongs to the Community of Christ church. 

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