Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Job, New Class, New Experience!

I started this week with meetings for my new teaching job. I also started unpacking my room. I lucked out because this summer they wrecked the old rooms and built a new art and home economics wing. The rooms are beautiful and clean. There is a ton of light, which I love. Our rooms are also decked out with some pretty sweet tech. I never experienced this kind of stuff when I was in high school! The only snag is that when I walked into the room the boxes were stacked to the ceiling. The whole room was in disarray. These pictures above are AFTER a full day of unpacking! As you can see I still have some ways to go. However, I'd rather do it this way. Now I'll know where everything is and I can organize the room from the beginning just how I like. I'm really excited about it.