Sunday, August 2, 2009

Use ugly colors to paint. I dare you.

During my crazy six months straight of painting faces I learned a few things. Not a ton, but one or two maybe. I watched Perry (my teacher) paint the most beautiful, and surprisingly colorful portrait using only black, burnt umber, and yellow ochre. I think there was a hint of ironoxide red in there. Oh ya, and white, but white is technically not a color. It's a shade. Little did you know. Ok, you might know. I was inspired to the degree that I decided, "Hey, I need to do one too", so I went right home and painted this using only the same three colors (and white) and the hint of ironoxide for the lips. You just can't get it very red with out something else! However, you can get very nice shades of a purplish color. It was very enjoyable and educational. Hopefully someone who can appreciate this is reading this post because honestly, my wife gets bored listening to me talk about colors and she's supposed to at least fein interest right? Email me if you want to talk colors. jk. don't. I'm trying to quit.

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