Saturday, June 30, 2012

Andrea Again

Because my wife is married to an artist she becomes the subject of many a drawing and sometimes a painting here and there. I don't know if she likes me drawing her all the time, but I sure do. She's usually very obliging. I think it would be awesome if at the end of my life time, I could fill volumes of drawings and paintings of Andrea from every phase and age of our life together. What a cool thing to pass on to posterity huh? I'm not always good at keeping a journal, but I draw in my sketchbook almost everyday. Rarely do I miss that. Maybe that sort of counts. Hopefully our kids appreciate it someday. :)


  1. I definitely think your kids will appreciate it! What a cool thing to be able to pass down!

  2. I'm not super good at taking pictures either, so at least there'll be something right? :)