Monday, July 2, 2012

It is Finally Here!

Intimidating to have all this wall space for myself! I obviously didn't use it all. 

So this is it. My humble BFA collection is up for all to see. It's been a love/hate relationship with this body of work. Sometimes I've wanted to burn the whole set and start over. Or give up. BUT...I decided that wouldn't be a good idea and persisted. I still don't think it's perfect and I wanted to revise several paintings, but I just simply ran out of time. And it was time to move on. My BFA has been in the works for close to three years now. It's gone through two complete changes in direction, and MANY more paintings that you don't see here that didn't make the cut. I'm excited for people to see it finally, but I admit I fear the critique a bit. I know it'll be good for me though. 

The space is on the 3rd floor of the UVU library. As you can see it's kind of amongst desks and computers and such. It's a good space though. Friday the 13th of July is the reception from 6:30-8:30 if you would like to come. (Yes, I picked Friday the 13th on purpose. How could you pass that kind of opportunity up!)


  1. Very nice Phil. We love it! you are great artist! It looks Awesome!!!