Friday, December 14, 2012

"Merry Christmas Jenevive!" on itunes bookstore!

So even though I haven't been posting much lately, I have been busy! This is the newest project I've been working on. My sister came up to me a few months ago to do an ebook based off a childhood experience she had at Christmas time involving her thinking she saw Santa Claus. I thought it sounded fun so I started doing some illustrations.

I created the images on Paper 53, which is a super cool app for the iPad. It creates a pretty intuitive feel. It's as close to drawing in a sketchbook as it comes while drawing on a tablet.

Once the illustrations were done and the text was written I put the book together in Book Creator, which is another iPad app that is really great.

Then all that was left was the technical side of it like creating an account in itunes connect and signing the contracts, obtaining and entering the tax info, getting an isbn etc.

In the end the result is a fun book I'm really proud off!

If you use an apple mobile device and you have 99 cents, please wander onto the ibooks and get my book! When you do please rate it and give me some feed back! It's called Merry Christmas Jenevive! You can search it and it'll come right up.

I hope there will be may more books in the future.

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